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I began my trade apprenticeship as a custom photographic lab technician for a corporate marketing firm where I learned to process and print almost every medium in the industry. After a few years I became the studio and location photographer for their commercial clients gaining experience and versatility in the trade. It was also around this time both designers and photographers began that slow transition from analog to digital. I chose to sit out those growing pains by attending Chef's College where the idea of never digitizing food had some appeal. I returned to photography 5 years later and started specializing in digital composite product photography. Printing was not to far behind when quality was finally able to match the properties of conventional photographic printing in a process called giclee, providing archival stability perfect for gallery fine art print reproductions, a service I specialize in today. In 2009 I re-discovered my photography ambitions after my first visit to Cuba where I witnessed more than just a sub tropical archipelago but a strength and pride of the people who define it.
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Other Notable Stuff.
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International Team Snow Sculpting
8 seasons representing Team Canada
Notable wins in
Whitehorse, Yukon.
London, Ontario. & Breckenridge, Colorado.
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As a Commercial Photographer & Fine Art Printer
Paul Sorensen has been featured in several gallery shows over the years and continues to operate full time as a product photographer specializing in digital composite editing.

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