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Wether you're a beginner, enthusiast or advanced photographer
seeking a unique tour experience, there's a workshop for everyone.
Now, it's not even about expensive professional gear as much as it is understanding of your camera, some fine art principles and a mix of
simple editing skills. Even with a new smart phone, It's possible to


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Intermediate workshops are about understanding the basics.
The rest takes everyone well into to the next levels
, together!
Exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance
How to use your Camera: Settings and functions
Understanding focal length, which lens and when
Landscape and architecture, tips and techniques
Wildlife, entertainment and low light photography
Bracketing your exposures for extended edit control
Composing your images before you pull the trigger
Culling your best images for final edit and printing
Workflow from "RAW" process to easy editing apps
Best of tour slide show and instructional workshop

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Wildlife and landscape photography.

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Street Photography
Techniques for capturing and editing lifestyle images.

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Rules, tricks and editing techniques.

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Stage performance and low light photography.

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Candid and direction portrait techniques.

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