Making Images Better, Together!

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Whether you're a beginner or advanced travel photographer, this unique customized tour has something for everyone. It's not about the expensive gear anymore. Understanding your camera, light and composition, will have you shooting like a pro, then take these new skill with you wherever you go.
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Workshops help with understand the basics.
Then we all take it to the next level
, together!
Exposure, aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance.
Using your cameras basic settings and functions.
Understanding focal length, which lens and why.
Landscape and architecture, tips and techniques.
Wildlife, entertainment and low light photography.
Bracket exposures for better control in harsh light.
Composing your image before pulling the trigger.
Culling your best images for fine tune editing.
Workflow from "RAW" and easy edit applications
Best of tour slide show with instructional critic

Tour Coach Paul Sorensen shares over 30 years of photography
and fine art printing experience to this unique and customized tour.
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Wildlife & Landscape Photography
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Street Photography
Capturing & Editing Lifestyle Images
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Tricks & Editing Techniques
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Live Performance & Low Light Photography
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Candid Portrait Techniques

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